Please note that we are now providing limited Familiarization Flights by appointment only.  We are unable to accommodate drop-in guests.  Please contact to schedule a flight.

We welcome guests to visit our Club.  We have flights available for visitors to be able to enjoy the thrill of soaring.

Introductory flights are available at a cost of $150.  This includes a tow behind an airplane up to 3000′ above the ground and a flight of about 20-30 minutes duration.  All flights are flown in one of our dual control aircraft, with one of our qualified pilots.  If you are a prospective member or interested in flying some of the flight, please let us know, as we will try to send you with one of our instructors for a “first lesson”.

If you subsequently decide to join the Club, we will reassess the flight at member rates, and refund the difference.

We fly on most nice weather weekends, from May to September.  Please bring sunscreen, water, and a hat, as you may be out on the field with limited facilities for an hour or two.

If you would like to check with someone to see if we are flying, or let us know you are planning to come, you can contact our fam flight info person at